The huge social media traction and attention Twene Jonas has been enjoying in recent times appears to be rubbing US-based Ghanaian musician Archipalago the wrong way.

As a result, he has warned Twene Jonas to be cautious about his dealings since his dirty linings will soon be washed in the public.

Archipalago has attacked Twene Jonas on social media occasionally and has stated unequivocally that he (Twene Jonas) will be exposed very soon for living a fake life in the States and hiding behind that to court attention.

In a series of tweets, Archipalago has sort of advised Twene Jonas to be mindful of his speech and desist from verbally berating Ghanaian leaders for the sake of it.

In a recent social media post, Archiplahgo has intimated that contrary to the glitz and glam Twene Jonas showcases on social media, he is nothing close to that.

Reacting to a video where Twene Jonas was bragging about owning a Bentley and buying a Fendi shoe for $1,000, Archiplagao was pissed off and said reality will soon dawn on Twene Jonas after he has been exposed for living a fake life which has embolden him to attack and vilify leaders back home.

Do you remember the Twene Jonas-Afia Schwarzenegger beef? Do you remember the latter hitting her chest and swearing a verbal oath to expose the former?

Perhaps, Archipalago will do a better job.


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