The controversial e-levy bill which had been passed and later assented the president’s approval for an onward implementation, has triggered another commotion between the New Patriotic Party members of parliament and National Democratic Congress’ members of parliament.

Certain three individual members had file a motion to injunct the smooth transition of the bill implementation at the Supreme Court stating that, it is unconstitutional and thievery.

The majority leader in parliament who doubles as the leader of government business in the house, has told those involved in filing the injunction that their case is an exercise in futility as the e-levy implementation is already in session.

He is therefore challenging them to withdraw the case from the court to save their own images and if not, they would be embarrassed at the end of the day because, their case had already died prematurely on an arrival.

Some cross section of the Ghanaian tax payers are still registering their displeasure over the passage of the e-levy bill stating that, besides the downturn of their economic fortunes, the government of the day still goes ahead to siphon the little sweat they are making.



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