The ongoing negotiations between the National Labour Commission and the Various teacher unions, have reached a crescendo as the labour officials are stern in taking no stone unturned in the pending deliberations at the labour fronts.

The teacher unions in the country are up in arms with the government for the non payment of what the teachers termed as “Political neutrality allowance”. The public teachers in Ghana, have been agitating for a while now citing high cost living across the entire country. The issue had been tabled before the National Labour Commission involving the other parties to brainstorm as to how to reach a conclusive agreement.

The National Labour Commission, as a body presiding over the whole affairs, is sending a very strong caution to any party entangled in the case that goes contrary or breaches any negotiations agreement to fully prepare and meet them in the court.

According to the Labour Commission, they are on the verge of reaching an agreement where the political neutrality allowance demanded by the friends of the chalk fraternity would be paid in full swing but woe unto anyone who violates any portion of the binding agreement yet to be appended.

The commission warned of the dire consequences such a party would face and one most portentous of all is, dragging the party to court.



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