The highlife guru Kwabena Kwabena is clearly displeased with Shatta Wale. He insisted that it is ignorant of the Dancehall artist to comment that Ghana does not have a unique genre.

According to Kwabena Kwabena, Ghana has always had a representable genre which is highlife music. He made this assertion on Okay FM during an interview with Abeiku Santana. He said, “ I think he’s ignorant about highlife. Because as I speak to you, Uncle Ebo Taylor is soaring.”

“Uncle Ebo Taylor; does he know him? Then he should revise his notes and come again. Highlife has always been there. Let’s respect. Highlife has always been there.” He continued. Kwabena Kwabena insisted that there was no need to hold a meeting to deliberate on a unique genre for Ghana, as suggested by Shatta Wale.
He also mentioned a few highlife musicians who are still relevant in the global music industry. “The group called Quashie Area Band led by Mr Kwame Yeboah. Go on YouTube and check it out. A year ago or two years ago, how many countries they toured?”

Kwabena Kwabena maintained that Shatta Wale should research before putting out information about Ghanaian music. He said even the world knows about the existence of highlife. People sit in their homes, and they receive emails to go and play highlife music outside the country.

Hilda seized Prince’s phone later and that led to a squabble which was later resolved though she refused to give him back his phone.

A police source also indicated that the two lovebirds engaged in another tangle after the deceased denied the suspect to take part in a grass cutter meal that he was enjoying in the evening.

Hilda, a mother of two, allegedly stabbed her lover four times on the neck and chin and sensing danger, tried to stop the blood that oozed from the wounds with a bedspread.

The deceased was later found lying lifeless in front of their room in a pool of blood.

The body has since been deposited at the Bono Regional Hospital for postmortem while the suspect is assisting police in investigations.


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