There was a heated exchange of words when officials of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) went to close down a public toilet in Accra.

The attendant of the public toilet fumed at the AMA officials who have done nothing for the community even though they pay regular levies to them.

According to the attendant, efforts to get the AMA to repair the other facility that has been out of commission for months have proven futile meanwhile they are ready to close the only facility left.

“Is there any toilet in the world which doesn’t smell? Why won’t you repair the toilet for us? How much do we give AMA, what have they done for us?”

The attendant made the AMA official understand that since there is no other place of convenience in the community, the residents will be forced to ease themselves indiscriminately.

The AMA officials, as part of the Clean Ghana Campaign, also closed down slaughterhouses that were operating under unhygienic conditions.

Swarm of flies, thick spirogyra, and open drains with a pungent smell from animal excreta. These were the scenes at the only functioning slaughterhouse within the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) when environmental health officers arrived at the facility in Avenor.

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