We will Take all Legitimate steps to Reverse this Travesty of Justice – John Dramani Mahama

Highlights from his address

*Let me assure you the dear voter that your vote will count. We will put in place a crack team to support all the Constituencies the incumbent wants to snatch from the NDC.

*We will continue to audit of our pinksheets, and this will determine the next step of our action

*We are unable to accept the results declared by the Chairperson of Electoral Commission Ghana.

*We will not accept anything short of declaring the NDC with the Parliamentary majority.

*I am unwilling to accept fictionalised result of this election.

*Pinksheets available to us shows steps have been taken to manipulate results from various constituencies to subvert the will of the people.

*It was clear from the votes cast that the NDC won the Presidential and Parliamentary elections.
Sacred verdict of the people must be respected.

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