We are not responsible for increase in teenage pregnancy – Aboboya riders to Daboase chief

Teenage Pregnancy

Aboboya and Pragya riders in Daboase in the Wassa East District in the Western Region have mounted an energetic safeguard against claims that they are behind the increase of adolescent pregnancy in the district.

The riders demand that it is false that they are the ones alluring juvenile little youngsters nearby with Indomie and remove food and later impregnating them.

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Speaking to Connect FM’s Wofa Ato on Orekodo News, the leader of Aboboyaa and Pragya Riders in Daboase, Fredrick Andamsaid;

“We have heard the news of claims that we are impregnating under-aged girls at Daboase and its environs. But it is not true that we are doing anything of a sort.”

“I have not seen or heard any of our members impregnating anyone between the ages of 13 and 16 years” He insisted.

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Tufuhene of Daboase Nana Kow Piabo IV in a previous meeting had blamed the riders for impregnating youthful juvenile young ladies between the ages of 13 and 16.


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