Residents in three communities, along the Elubo-Enchi road in the Awowin municipality of the Western North region are up in arms against a mining firm in the area accusing it of destroying the environment.

The angry residents claim the company has gone contrary to its mining agreement with them prior to entering their communities.

They want government to force the firm to live up to its responsibilities or stop operating.

John Mooney a cocoa farmer and others showed the level of environmental degradation which they say has affected water bodies used for irrigation and daily purposes.

The residents are demanding an immediate end to their operations.

The front of the mining firm is however seem divided as two parties both claiming ownership of the concession argue over who is to blame for the level of destruction.

Both parties aggree to illegalities in their mining practices which has affected the communities.

First, Nana Koah who claims to be a resident director of the firm.

And here is Henry Okum who also claim to be operations director of the firm.

Several calls from the community members and individuals along this stretch may be yielding some results as the taskforce from the Small-scale Miners Association headed to the community to ascertain the extent of degradation.

The 30-man-task force and some association leaders saw firsthand open pits and devastated environment enroute to the mining site.

They arrested a Chinese national and his Ghanaian accomplice and the two led them to the premises of the mining firm.

Heated verbal exchanges ensued for hours as private security-men of the firm refused to allow the task force and their leaders entry.

Finally, Razack Alhassan, communications director of the Association, declared the firm temporary closed.


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