As the followers of the Islamic religion are happily celebrating their Eid-Fitr across the world after the month long fasting of Ramadan, where the religion is embraced and practised by its believers, the speaker of Ghana’s parliament, Rt Hon. Alban Bagbin, has sent his heartfelt wishes to the Muslims in Ghana; reminding them, to be abidden by the core tenets and principles of their religion.

He said, Eid-Fitr, is characterised by sacrifice, compassion and empathy ingrained as one of the most prized bastions of the Islamic faith.

Our esteemed readers should be it in mind that, whoever profers to be a Muslim but practises contrary to the latter, is not deemed fit as a true Muslim because, even the Islamic religion as a faith based religious institution, had been founded on three moral basic core values or principles which must be abidden by every practitioner of that prestigious religion instituted by prophet Mohammed of Mecca, in Saudi Arabia.

These three core tenets or principles are: submission, peace and commitment. May Allah answer all your secret sacrifices as you continue to comply with the above enshrined moral values. Congratulations!!!



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