As many Ghanaians continue to wallow in an abject and an impoverished condition coupled with the debilitating comatose status of Ghana’ defunct economy, the plight of the overwhelming majority is expected to worsen unabated as prices of fuel are predicted to increase by a little over 3% in the coming days.

A lot of people have been projected to be affected hardly by the upward adjustment of further commodities in the market price indexes as the also falls flatly against major resilient trading currencies.

It is not yet known to the masses about the pending fuel increment any moment from now but before they would be aware, it had already taken place.

Ghanaians registered their discomfort before, during and after the passage of a repressive political witch-hunting pilfering agendum that seeks among other things with hard forehead and a stubborn heart, collects taxes from the users of momo money transaction but yet, they were treated with an extempore and a malicious contempt and here we are, another grave tsunami has afflicted the malnourished without a voice being heard.

But we are all witnesses to the ongoing economic avalanche in the country where the local currency, the cedi is falling on daily basis thereby, causing a tragic thunder tirade spleen inflation exponentially despite the stagnant financial drained statuses of the people under the economy that is wrestling with an amateur boxing teen to recover from schizophrenia.



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