Garlic and honey have been used as potent medicinal remedies for many years.

Garlic has great antioxidants which fight free-radicals in the system, while pure honey is also loaded with health benefits that balance out the system.

  1. Charge up your immune system
    Garlic helps your immune system stay stronger, helping to defend you against microbes and bacteria. It’s also important to keep your immune system in a healthy state to avoid critical conditions like cancer.
  2. It helps you lose weight
    Garlic and honey are the secret combo behind weight loss. If you consume garlic with honey on an empty stomach it nourishes you while also reducing your cravings for food. It reduces stress and the production of cortisol.

3 . Improves the quality of your bloodstream
Garlic reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels so it prevents your blood from thickening, allowing it to flow normally which helps prevent cardiovascular problems. It also promotes the production of gastric juices which are essential for the correct absorption of iron. In addition to that, it’s rich in vitamins and minerals, so by consuming it you enrich your bloodstream.

  1. Reduces inflammation
    If you have chronic pain, add honey and garlic to your diet. Not only would it relax you, you would need fewer painkillers or ibuprofen.
  2. Energy booster
    Honey will provide you with that extra shot of energy without any side effect.

Source: Pulse Nigeria


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