A media practitioner and a pollster, Ben Ephson, has admitted that, attacking media houses and their journalists in line of their lawful duties, he knew it to be something that took place under military era.

He stated this because, in this contemporary world we live in today, he does not fathom as to why any legitimate government would be threatening and issuing threats to media owners and their employees in a free speech practising country like Ghana.

He opined that, it was the time of military leadership that some of them were brutalised and those who went behind bars, did so without the practice of democracy but it is now that we are in a democratic state, governed by our 1992 constitution where everyone must not his or her authorised boundary of free fair expression, it is not happening currently under this NPP regime.

He confirmed that yes, it is somehow clear to him that, this very administration is seeking to attack and the issuance of threat and the meeting out of mayhem to some stations and news papers the government “perceives” to be working against its regime.

There were replete of corruption related cases that shook this country immediately after Akufo Addo took over the reign of affairs but journalists who were trying to expose or unravel such endemic ills in society, were slain and threatened to refrain from doing stalking in their willingness to eradicate deadly cancerous misdemeanours in our territories.



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