The day many Ghanaians have been waiting for as to whether the justices of the Apex court of Ghana, would adjudicate dispassionately, the substantive case brought before it by some concerned citizens over the implementation of the electronic tax, had been painted colourless.

In the case of some minority members of parliament to the Supreme Court to declare the e-levy bill unconstitutional, has not seen the light of day as all the seven member panel of the supreme court, unanimously jettisoned the interlocutory injunction case like an old cargo that is floating of the surface of the sea without being washed ashore.

It has been the day of shame and reproach when political vendetta had been publicly displayed without any prudent recourse to the status quo; taking into consideration the unpopular manner in which the levy was approved after massive objection by the populace.

According to the Supreme Court, there is no merit in the case filed by such individual Ghanaians and as a result, they joined their seven hands in unison and threw out the case thereby sending the lawyers home bamboozled and speechless as their day of justice delivery was turned upside down with injustice infractions.



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