The Asafoitse of Agbazo Wem of Prampram in the Greater Accra Region Nene Lartey Bantama together with other Asafoiatsemei in Prampram have sworn heaven on earth to stop a planned workshop for all Asafoiatemei or Warlords in the Gadangme State at Prampram.

In a statement, Nene Bantama said the venue for the workshop is misplaced and the procedure is also wrong.

In his address to the press, Asafoiatse Bantama said the planners for the workshop have ignored the Prampram Tradidional Council and are rather dealing with a self-imposed chief of the community.

Nene Bantama said for Gadangme Asafoiatsemei to meet in such a unified manner, the venue must be Katamanso where the Gadangme people defeated the Ashanti people in the battle of Akatamanso in 1826.

“Prampram is not our place of oath as Asafoiatsemei. Our steps must be guided by the oaths we swear. We are not expected to act anyhow. Katamanso is our gathering point as Gadangme Asafoiatsemei and not Prampram”, Nene Bantama asserts.

The Asafoiatse of Agbazo Wem further threatened to cause mayhem if the planners of the program still go ahead with the workshop.

“Some of those who have registered to be part of the program are not Asafoiatsemei.

They are mere languards so we will not sit down for them to tarnish our image. We will resist any attempt to push this agenda through”, he added.

Story by Nana Yaw Cobbinah


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