Takoradi-based pastor impregnates church member’s wife; case in court

Pastor Jude Nana Kwame Sarpong
Pastor Jude Nana Kwame Sarpong

A popular Pastor based in Sekondi- Takoradi named Pastor Jude Nana Kwame Sarpong, leader of El Shaddai Outreach Ministry Church has landed in big trouble for impregnating wife of a devout church member.

After the main uncover by Skyy 93.5FM concerning the minister and his demonstration, different victims s from his congregation have come out with comparative objections against him, naming him as a sick person who partake in the ladies of different men.

A case has been documented at the Takoradi Circuit Court against Pastor Jude Nana Kwame Sarpong by one Regina Ankrah, a previous church member for leaving her subsequent to impregnating her.

As per the Statement of Claim by the court, Regina, who is currently a previous individual from the congregation was attracted into numerous sexual intercourse after Pastor Jude prophesized to her that she was hitched in the evil world to her deceased father and besides, she would not be effective in any marriage except if exorcised.

Regina somewhat accepted the prophesy since she has had two issues with two distinct men without marriage.

As per the prediction, Pastor Jude took her through some spiritual cleansing which wound up with him laying down with her as a component of the liberation cycle at a hotel in Kumasi only few weeks before her wedding with her husband.

She asserted she was unable to trust herself laying down with the pastor and suspects that he is purportedly conveying her from an abhorrent soul cast a spell on her which gave the pastor admittance to have sex with her.

Regina got hitched to her life partner on fifteenth November 2015, at the congregation with Pastor Jude assuming a critical part in her marriage and welcomed his uncle who is likewise a pastor in another church to favor the marriage.

She said her sexual venture with the minister after her marriage didn’t stop yet she was constrained to have a few sexual intercourse with him all at his solicitation for over a time of 4 years all under the appearance of redemption her.

As a component of the liberation, she was told by the pastor not to permit her husband to lay down with her since it would influence him and her kin which she obliged because of a paranoid fear of losing her life.

Regina revealed that her mom came to know about this two-timing relationship and encouraged her to stop yet Pastor Jude would not concur and rather came to implore her mom that he would ultimately wed her with the full information that she was a married lady.

As evidence of his assurance to wed her, he gave her a promissory ring with the guidelines to supplant it with her wedding band which she obliged and after being seen by her significant other brought about genuine false impressions.

Regina said at long last following four years of the double-crossing relationship, she became pregnant and as she had never laid down with her better half this load of years her significant other indicted the issue for a separation.

The Pastor didn’t reject the obligation of the pregnancy and asked Regina not to stress with the guarantee to wed her should she be separated because of the openness of the double-crossing relationship which had turned into a loosely held bit of information at the congregation.

Pastor Jude and his uncle moved toward Regina’s family to recognize the paternity of the youngster and introduced a name to be given to the kid.

He was from there on keeping up with the home by dispatching her Ghc500.00 per month for her upkeep and that of the youngster.

Plans were hatching between the gatherings to get hitched until the connection became acrid when the minister began dismissing her and their kid which brought about Regina sending the make a difference to legitimate guide Sekondi for goal.

At the point when the matter was called, the minister didn’t turn up however was addressed by her mom.


Regina’s case was for the support of back payments of Ghc2500.00 including doctor’s visit expenses a solicitation for new convenience for Plaintiff and the kid also remuneration for her abandonment by him.

Minister Jude’s mom showed at the sitting that her child was in Accra and would not be accessible yet she was approached to show up by and by.

Seven days after the sitting he went to legitimate guide and caused the installment of ghc1500 of the unpaid debts of upkeep yet fought that he isn’t obligated to pay any remuneration to her since she isn’t his significant other and further that he would go external Ghana thus he would in this manner not have the opportunity to go to a further hearing before the lawful guide along these lines, consequently, she can take the case to anyplace she needed.

Regina says the Pastor can’t renege on his guarantee to wed her having made her make a few penances including the deficiency of her marriage just as her being shamed and openly scorned.

Likewise, the supplanting of her wedding band with the promissory ring purchased for her by Jude at his solicitation and directions is an unmistakable case that there was a guarantee to wed which made her change her life.

Read Statement Of Claim Here


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