Street hawkers and sellers popularly known as “KAYAYO” at kotobabi,a sub-district in Greater Accra (newtown) pleads with the government to provide them with good place to lay their heads.

According to the “KAYAYO”workers,
they find it difficult and quite expensive to get a good place to call a home.

In an interview with them,most of the street hawkers and sellers (KAYAYO) said with grievance that they are really suffering.

They again concluded that most of these children who engage in this risky job are mostly school drop -outs and mostly due to lack of support and finance they are left with no choice than to put their lives at risk by selling even in traffic with their parents before they get something to eat.

These KAYAYO workers at night would gather in groups and lay mats (sacks)in front of people’s stores and buildings and sleep for the next day.
Most people also sleep on the bare floor since they can’t even afford a mat.

With this,they know their lives are at risk and even not preventing themselves from diseases and sickness such as malaria,and Covid as a whole.

In most cases,especially in the rainy seasons.

Further more, they made it known that with them endangering themselves sometimes makes the children who are below the age 20 end up getting pregnant (teenage pregnancy)

So they are pleading with the government to at least help them if not for anything a place they could lay their heads with that of their children.

Story By:
(Express Radio Online)


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