A former publicist of Joyce Blessing is displeased about the gospel musician’s decision to level some allegations against her and has subsequently cautioned her former artiste to refrain from the act.

Jullie Jay-Kanz in an interview on GhanaWeb’s entertainment review show ‘Bloggers’ Forum’ vehemently denied accusations she has been filing copyright claims against Joyce Blessing in her quest to frustrate the singer.

“I’m not involved in anything she’s said about me and she knows it,” said Jullie. “I’m not a bad person. When she didn’t have money, I worked for her as a sister so she should stop painting me black.”

Joyce Blessing who cut ties with Jullie after working with her for three years recently accused Jullie of using her arsenals to fight her. Among others, the musician alleged that her contents on some online video sharing platforms had been flagged, stressing she had evidence the action was taken after her former publicist filed complaints.

Unhappy about the development, Joyce Blessing unleashed curses on Jullie Jay-Kanz.

“Juliana Ntiamoah, that is your name… you’ll suffer. It will affect your entire generation. I have done you no wrong, whatever you asked for has been paid to you. This curse will manifest heavily on your life because I have done you no wrong, yet you want to cause me pain…” she said in the audio.

The blogger however said she is not guilty. Although she disclosed she once filed a complaint to Instagram, she stated that she acted in retaliation.

According to Jullie, she financed an event for Joyce Blessing during their working relationship period. A short video she filmed from the said event and uploaded on her platform after their relationship got soured was however flagged because the musician filed a claim against her.

“She lacks a little bit of knowledge about the digital space. She is rather the one striking my content on YouTube. The content I took from an event we all organized, I generated 80% income for that event… She has not taken these videos on other platforms down so why take mine down?” she asked in her submission on the ‘Bloggers’ Forum’ show.

“After that, she posted the same content I created on her Instagram page so I also filed a copyright report to Instagram and Instagram took it down. And before Instagram will delete your content, they will ask for proof. I’ve not been striking her on YouTube; she’s the one who has been striking me,” Jay-Kanz added.

She further denied she had been paid what is due her as claimed by Joyce Blessing. The singer, she argued, has refused to repay a loan she took from her early this year.

“She owes me. She borrowed from me and has not paid,” Jullie told host Abrantepa but refused to disclose the amount. “She took money from me to do something in February after divorce. When I asked her to pay me some months back, she told me she was not going to pay so she shouldn’t say she has given me everything I want when she knows she owes me.”

Source: GhanaWeb


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