The author and head of Universal Spiritual Outreach Kwabena Boakye Asiamah notable as Bishop Ajaguarajah has advised Ghanaian men to cease from sucking ladies’ b00bs during sex.

The disputable godly man has asked men to quit sucking the b00bs of ladies assuming they need to live long. In a meeting with Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom FM, the godly man discussed otherworldly issues and what occurs in the profound domain.

Ajagurah revealed during his accommodation that most men are passing on as a result of bosom sucking. He expressed that a ton of men are being harmed by their ladies through bosom sucking and should be careful.


Ajagurah revealed that most men are being killed gradually by their ladies through bosom sucking. He uncovered that a few ladies apply poison on their areolas, around their ears, their navels, and different pieces of the body they realize men like to lick during s3x to kill them gradually.

He added that a few ladies are paid to kill these men by utilizing moderate toxic substance. He expressed that these toxins can now and then take a time of about fourteen days before the toxic substance affects them. He announced a strike of bosom $ucking by the individuals from the Ajagurajah development.


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