Ghanaian highlife artiste, Bisa Kdei says he owes his fame to the soundtracks he has made over the years.

According to him, people underestimate the effect of producing soundtracks. However, his firsthand experience has proven that creating soundtracks as an artiste can take one far.

In a conversation with Y97.9FM’s Nana Quasi-Wusu, he expressed: “Soundtracks won’t give you what you really want but at least it will give you the exposure .Soundtracks made me who I am today. I am not going to lie about that because it got me the recognition in most of the sub cities in Ghana so when it comes to soundtrack I don’t take that out. Just forget about the money and you will make your money later if you do your job well”.

Commenting on his latest soundtrack Asew remix which got featured on Netflix movie Jingle Jangle, the musician revealed that the song is “still jamming” on social media.

Bisa Kdei’s song Asew was used as a soundtrack in Netflix’s 2020 Christmas movie Jingle Jangle.

The Asew song talks about a young man addressing his in-law. The original song was however adapted to meet the storyline of the movie. The Asew Jingle Jangle remix thus focuses on a grandchild who is speaking to her grandfather.

Bisa Kdei is known for his songs such as Brother Brother, Jw3, Mansa, Metanfo, among others.


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