Ghanaian Afro Dancehall artiste, Stonebwoy has added his voice to the masses who are seeking justice for the slain social media activist, Macho Kaaka and two others killed in the protest.

Stonebwoy in a series of thread on twitter encouraged that the only way to convey plight to leaders is to “Go Outside to air our voices seeking attention to the problems we face as citizens Anything contrary to that is not our INTENT.”

According to him, Kaaka didn’t have to die but the people who swore an oath to protect him killed him because he refused to be a spectator.

Stonebwoy in a thread of tweets chided the actions of the police and the military who ended up killing two protestors demanding justice for their slain brother.

Macho Kaaka was a social activist who fought for the development of his town. His job entails taking photos and videos of dilapidated and abandoned government projects and sharing them on social media.


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