Selena Gomez wants a “funny” boyfriend.
The 28-year-old star – who previously dated Justin Bieber and The Weeknd – is looking for a guy who makes her laugh, but not someone who is arrogant.
Asked by new! magazine what she looks for in a guy, she said: “Funny does it for me – you just have to be funny. While I like a guy who is confident in himself, I really dislike arrogance.”

The ‘Only Murders in the Building’ actress insisted she is “totally cool” with being single because there are so many good things about being alone in her late 20s.

She said: “I am single – and I’m totally cool with that. There are a lot of positives to being single and it’s about enjoying them when you’re in that stage of life.”
And Selena ruled out the idea of turning to dating apps to find love when she’s ready.

She said: “I’m sure [Raya] works for some people but I can’t see that happening.”
The ‘Wolves’ hitmaker admitted it can be difficult dating in the spotlight but it’s something she’d got “used to” over the years.
She said: “It’s not just relationships, but any part of your life that is private you don’t want in the public eye. “But like it or not, it’s something you kind of have to get used to.”

Meanwhile, Selena has been open about her mental health struggles and admitted it’s a “constant” process for her to ensure she’s in the right place.
She said: “Taking care of your mental health is an ongoing process – it’s something I’m constantly doing.

“Therapy really worked for me. There’s medication, taking yourself away from negative people, taking a break from social media – all these things can help.”

Source: Bang Showbiz


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