Dzifa Gomashie

The Member of Parliament for the Ketu South electorate, Abla Dzifa Gomashie, has encouraged the government to scrap charges forced on the importation of clean items into the country.

As indicated by the MP, more Ghanaian young ladies can’t manage the cost of sterile towels when they bleed because of the significant expense of such items available.

Hon. Gomashie offered these expressions at an occasion coordinated by her office as a team with the Ketu South Municipal Education Directorate to celebrate the current year’s Menstrual Hygiene Day.

She said, “It is a basic human right that women worldwide are given the right materials to collect blood during this time, and that this material can be changed in total privacy. Access to culturally appropriate, high-quality menstrual supplies and safe private washing facilities are a necessity for every girl or woman who is menstruating.”

“It is disappointing to see sanitary towels being offered in the market for as high as GHS10. How does the ordinary Ghanaian deal with the high expense of sanitary towels, among other pressing needs? she questioned.

She accepts the expense of sterile items would be lower assuming duties on clean items are rejected.

“The cost of sanitary towels can be lower if the 20% luxury tax and the 12.5% VAT imposed on imported sanitary products are removed. These obnoxious taxes are in my opinion nuisance taxes and further impoverish the vulnerable girls in our poor families where three square meals are a challenge.”

Known for her backing for ladies’ privileges and improvement, the Ketu South MP saw that few African ladies are as yet hampered by the socio-social and strict constraints, taking everything into account, noticing that there is the requirement for adequate feminine cleanliness schooling.

The occasion which was held in Aflao had more than 700 students drawn from chosen schools across the Municipality including male understudies.

The Municipal Girls’ Education Officer, Madam Cecilia Dome, uncovered that few school young ladies keep on absenting themselves from school in the Municipality because of the difficulties related to the feminine cycle.

She asked guardians to help their wards and show them the prescribed procedures for feminine cleanliness.

This year’s celebration which is on the theme: “Making menstruation a normal fact of life by 2030,” is outfitted towards building a reality where nobody is kept down since they are bleeding.

Around the world, more than 300 million ladies discharge consistently.

Yet additionally, an expected 500 million individuals need admittance to period items and adequate cleanliness in the executive’s offices, a circumstance that points out extraordinary the requirements of ladies and young ladies and those in weak circumstances by 2030 by Goal 6.2 of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.



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