Mr Onipayede Osom Teye a declined Independent Presidential Candidate for the 2020 general Elections has considered teasing the Minister-Designate for Fisheries and Aquaculture Hawa Koomson for making grammatical errors when she appeared before the vetting committee on 18 November 2021 as a betrayal to ourselves.

Mr. Osom Teye one on one interview with the media also said such attitude is a disgrace and betrayal to our culture as well.

“If the owners of the Language are not complaining why must the adopters be soo concern about its quality? Africa problem is well known and can be solved by any African including children, but those mandated to solve wish it persist forever because the problems is their golden opportunity for selfish gain” He stated.

“Ghana will take a lead in Africa development if we can move away from the 4,4,2 system of education which is 4 Local, 4 Western, 2 Arab blend of education because it is killing our productions and only giving us quality grammar” Onipayede Lamented.

“I pray and hope that a day will come people will understand that all languages are equal and just a means of communication like the sign language” Mr. Osom Teye added.

Story: Evans Kwaku Oboafi Junior HARDROCK


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