Salaga remands teacher for sodomy


The suspect in the alleged Sodomy case involving some 19 pupils of the Kulpi junior high school school School within the East Gonja Municipality of the Savannah Region, has been remanded by the Salaga Magistrate Court.

Natomah Otabel was remanded into police custody after he was arraigned before the Court on Thursday, September 30.

He is to reappear on Wednesday, October 13.

According to police, the victim are getting to be charged with defilement and unnatural canal knowledge.
Nine pupils initially accused the teacher of the crime but seven more later came bent also accuse him of sodomising them.

As of Thursday, 19 pupils had accused Natomah Otabel of the crime.
The children in conjunction with their parents were issued police medical forms to visit the Salaga Government Hospital for checkup .

They were later mentioned Tamale for the examinations.

According to the families of the victims, the Salaga hospital was unable to run the specified tests, hence the referral.



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