Brother Sammy
Brother Sammy

Ghanaian gospel artist Brother Sammy has repeated his position that sex before marriage ought not be depicted as a transgression.

The artiste showing up on the early in the day show on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm said it would be appropriate for would be couples to participate in early sex prior to saying yes.

This he contended would forestall all types of astonishments for wedded people.

As far as he might be concerned, sex adds to 90 percent of effective relationships yet this fact has been kept Christians by men from getting God.

He said it isn’t shocking that relationships of non Christians and people who are viewed as common are prevailing when contrasted with that of gospel performers.

He told host, Sokoohemaa Kukua that unfortunately gospel artists have their relationships falling all since they couldn’t comprehend that sex was significant for union with succeed.

Sibling Sammy said “we do not go to bed to have sex with spirituality. Sex is important in marriage and so every couple must understand this. Without sex, you would not be able to have children. Without sex, you will stop procreation and so, we have to accept that sex before marriage is important”.

“This is not prophesy, this is reality. What I am talking about is important and crucial. You can choose to believe it or not. This is the truth,” he added.


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