Plant Trees To Hedge Your Building – Wassa East District Nadmo Director Advises The General Public

MR Ayiakye Enoch Kofi Wassa is the district NADMO director in Wassa East district of the western region has advised Ghanaians, particularly the people in the Wassa East district to cultivate trees in their communities to provide a defense for their buildings during the emergence of windstorms.

Mr. Ayiakye Enoch Kofi Wassa reiterated that in the past, people used to plant trees around their houses which provided armor for their buildings during windstorms. However, as religious doctrines and faiths elude the people, those trees serving as hedge are now perssived as the meeting place of witches and so people have cut off all those defensive trees in their communities rather paving way for windstorm to devastate property. “It is high time we cultivate trees to safeguard our property”.

Mr. Ayiakye Enoch Kofi Wassa, NADMO director in the Wassa East district

Mr. Ayiakye also sounded passionate word of caution to the general public that, they must hire competent carpenters Who have professional knowledge and skills in roofing to roof their houses for them rather than resorting to quark carpenters who would only do a  crappy work only to last for a few days because research has revealed that in the coming days, we are going to experience heavy rains with storm according to Mr. Ayiakye.

He disclosed this when he visited five hundred and seventy (570) windstorm victims in the Wassa

East district who have lost valuable items and property.

Mr. Ayiakye Enoch Kofi Wassa, NADMO director for Wassa East district

Story by Listowel Aboagye Dacosta, Sweet FM, 0241575171


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