Pastor dies attempting to cast out demons from a tree


Pastor Jimmy Obong, a popular Ugandan pastor has met his untimely death during  exorcism after he was crushed to death by an ‘evil’ tree. 

The unfortunate incident occured at Alebtong district of northern Uganda.

Report has it that the man of God went to one John Okodi’s house to conduct deliverance on her daughter, when he got there he asked the lady what she thinks might be the cause, and she told him that she thinks she’s possessed by demons from a near by  tree.

Pastor jimmy orders his members to cut down the tree so he could cast out demons from the tree and deliver the daughter of his church member, Mr Ben.

In the hurried process of cutting it down, the tree landed right on pastor Jimmy. Crushed him and he died instantly. It also ended up damaging a vehicle packed inside the compound too.

Pastor JIM’s body was taken to the mortuary by The police and 13 people were arrested and are yet to be released. According to police they are suspects, they will be interrogated and if found guilty they will be prosecuted.


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