It is really disheartening how reckless many of our drivers have been manning and plying their cars nowadays on our highways.

On an each day in Ghana now, it is quite precarious to see how indiscriminate drivers man their steers on the wheels. The weather for yesterday was somehow unclear for countless motorists and thus, we thought drivers would be extra careful on the road but it was never the case.

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In two separate road crashes yesterday involving some cars on the Accra-Kasoa stretches, which caused other vehicles somersaulting on the road, resulted in the severe injuries of 25 passengers on board of such vehicles. The victims were rushed to some medical facilities nearby for treatment and for an onward discharge.

This called for a timely arrival of police officers to restore sanity and calm on the road to forestall any other unfortunate eventuality. Police officers are therefore appealing to all and sundry to be extra vigilant on the road as the rainy season sets in with full gear.



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