It is said that; “It takes two to a tango”. The adage coming from the import of the story should let you know that all is not well amongst the traders at Abossey Okai and city authorities as their relocation draws near.

The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Hon. Henry Quartey, has announced his intention to move spare parts dealers from the area to Afienya citing overcrowding concerns. The minister stated, approximately, over 22, 000 spare parts dealers alone have crowded Abossey Okai thereby causing massive nuisances in the area leading to countless troubles and conflicts which are resulting in the death of many in the community.

In his view, it is high time he Locomoted those over twenty two thousand workers from the area where they are currently playing their trade to Afienya where they would have the laxity to continue their daily businesses. But in a sharp rebuttal, the spare parts dealers association are not taking kindly to this mind boggling issue.

The association had vowed not to move to anywhere apart from where they are going about their normal daily routine activities to put food on the table of their families as they are all breadwinners in their own rights.

And as it stands now, there is a heavy tension brewing in the area over the city authorities’ planned decision to relocating the spare parts dealers to Afienya in a secluded location where the dealers claimed it would be practically difficult for them to find customers for their respective businesses.



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