The former President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency, John Dramani Mahama, has described as shameful, our over reliance on foreign goods to the detriment of ours.

The former President said, African countries would continue to remain indebted to the Western World if the leaders of the African nations do not rise up to thwart such phenomena. The former President noted that, we as Africans, have chosen foreign goods over ours thereby throwing our own system away like a jettisoned cargo.

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Mr. Mahama pointed it out to leaders to as a matter of an urgency, to prioritise locally produced goods for the citizens to patronise in their own countries and stop depending on other expatriates for the importation of various goods from their countries of origins to ours.

He is therefore, urging business owners to do their best to grow up the local industry to be able to create more jobs for the teeming youth in the country whose main undesirable source of an income is derived from the gaming centres.

He further reiterated that, for our nations to develop beyond aids from the World Economic Champions, most especially, Ghana, the leadership must make it as a portentous duty call on themselves to eschew persistent importation of foreign materials into the country instead of exporting our locally manufactured products to be earning foreign exchange.



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