Kuami Eugene
Kuami Eugene

Self acclaimed Rockstar, Eugene Marfo, known in the showbiz circles as Kuame Eugene has registered his frustration of people who constantly critisize his music.

In an interview with NY DJ, the Lynx Entertainment artiste said ordinary people who have no technical knowledge in music are not allowed to critique any of his songs.

“Sometimes people don’t understand music. I don’t get why someone who is a doctor and not a musician would get so mad about somebody’s music. We don’t complain about your prescriptions because that is not my field,” he said.

He added that there is even a beautician who appears on a radio show as a pundit to analyze people’s music.

“People are so opinionated that they want to share their opinions about everything, even if they don’t have anything to say. I’ve seen a beautician sitting on a music show as a pundit before. She is just popular, so she gets on the show, and she is asked what she thinks about people’s songs,” he added.


Kuami Eugene is preparing to headline a show with his colleague Kidi at the Indigo of the O2 in London.


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