Wendy Shay

Rufftown Records signee Wendy Shay known in private life as Wendy Asiamah Addo has once again made her way in the headlines of news portals as she’s made quite an intriguing comment about a publicist she once had.

The ‘Shay Gang’ President took to twitter to ask a question about a health condition people have difficulty in telling when one gets it ; halitosis, which is also commonly known as “mouth odor”.

The award winning songstress who has been off the music scenes for some time now asked fans on twitter how they someone who’s suffering from halitosis without hurting their feelings.

One might think that was it but the “Hustle” hit maker went ahead to cite a scenario  where she decided to help one of her publicists who was suffering from halitosis but ended dreadfully.

She tweeted ;

The harmless tweet has however generated mixed reactions as some users were stating their opinions and giving tips whilst a section also think as the singer has a healthcare background, she is supposed to know better.

Wendy Shay performed at the day 1 of the recently ended Vodafone Ghana Music Awards(VGMA23) and has received massive praise for her stage craft.

However you feel about it, we also would like to know how you tell someone who has mouth odor they are polluting the air you breathe in without hurting their feelings?

Source: ideasghonline.com


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