Odartey was sleeping with the wife of the owner of Freddie’s Corner in their matrimonial bed – Sources around Gloria Lamptey make damning revelations


The ex-wife of former Ghanaian footballer Odartey Lamptey, Gloria Lamptey seems to feel so entitled to all that her ex owns, and we’re beginning to get a hint of where this sense of entitlement is coming from.

After finding out that none of his three children were related to him, Mr. Odartey Lamptey proceeded to divorce her and it has been a battle for his properties seven years down the line.

After the court threw out Gloria’s second appeal demanding to be given his 7-bedroom apartment at East Legon (amongst other ridiculous demands), she has asked her lawyers to file one final appeal.

According to the anonymous crony of the footballer’s estranged wife, Mr. Odartey Lamptey was a serial cheat who knew the children weren’t his the whole time.
It is alleged that the embattled footballer was a ‘nobody’ when he met Gloria and squatted with her for five years before managing to acquire his own house.

He’s also alleged to have had extra-marital affairs with the second wife (who was Gloria’s close friend) of Freddie’s Corner CEO Mr. Alfred Korlie Matey, which led to her being sacked from her own matrimonial home.

Besides that, Odartey Lamptey went round sleeping with most of Gloria’s friends. According to them the reason why Gloria Lamptey is being made to seem like a money-grabbing Jezebel is because she has not come out with her side of the story, and there’s a whole lot we do not know.

Read the allegations in the chat below:


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