Tyga Booty dead

A Nigerian businessman has been arraigned by in court over the death of American stripper Julie Diane Williams known as Tyger Booty.

Ghana police said Tyger Booty was in contact with a Nigerian businessman linked as Bright Udiagbe known as Big Slim while she was in Ghana.


Big Slim owns a hostel, caffs, and clubs in both Nigeria and Ghana. This includes SilverFox Fantastic club in Lagos, where Tyger Booty posted a print from on Instagram 6 weeks ago.

Tyger Booty was reported dead inmid-December 2021 at a hostel in Abelemkpe, a exurb of Ghana’s capital megacity Accra.

Weeks after her death, Ghanaian police have been probing the death and tracking the sequence of events before her death on how she arrived in Ghana, contact with the country and the US delegacy, and apprehensions related to her demise.

Police Public Relations chief, Supt Alexander Obeng verified in a radio report that Tyger’s case was lodged with Tesano Police and had been encouraged to the headquarters.

Ghana police bared that she failed at the Rayporsh Hotel on December 14, which was 11 days after her appearance from the US through Nigeria.

“ Primary police disquisition has established that the departed US public arrived in Ghana on December 3, 2021 en route from Nigeria. Having tested positive for COVID-19 on appearance, she was taken into an insulation center at Ave Maria Hotel, South Legon-Accra,” Ghana police said in a statement.

Big Slim has ago been arraigned in court in a execution led by Chief Inspector Lawrence Anane, at the Kaneshie District Court, where other suspects are facing trial for the model’s death.

They’ve ago been granted a GH bail with two sureties each by the court after their apprehensions.

Chief Inspector Anane also bared at the court that the departed and Big Slim had been in a working relationship for the once five times.

Ghana police said an necropsy report on Tyger Booty’s death is being awaited to continue the trial.

The Kaneshie District Court granted bail to the five persons who were arrested in connection with the death of Julie Diane Williams.

The five indicted persons are a businessman and entrepreneur in the hospitality assiduity, Bright Udiagbe aka Big Slim; Susan Azor, an hand of Udiagbe; Gideon Kwafo, a chef and a receptionist; George Ntsor, a gardener and Odoi Laryea, a security guard-all workers of Rayporsh Hotel, located in the country’s capital and where the model was plant dead.



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