As scores of Ghanaians continue to wallow in an abject poverty due to lack of vision on the part of the executive arm of Ghana, the commander in chief of the Ghana Armed Forces, has come out obnoxiously with hard forehead into the news again on self congratulatory spree.

The president of the Republic of Ghana, who has become dictatorial and an unpopular within a twinkle of an eye over the passage of the electronic levy, thinks, coming back into the limelight with praises singing, would cheer up majority of Ghanaians to rally behind him.

Nana Addo, the current president of Ghana, is now publicly praising and magnify God for the political victory he chalked in the previous elections. According to him, it is the grace of God that had sailed him through and without that, he would not have won the presidency.

Even though many are asking to know if it is the Supreme God he is referring to because, you can not follow that Sovereign God and become a bloody-minded dictator characterised by vindictiveness under your leadership. 


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