Music duo, Wutah fight over split


Wutah Afriyie and Wutah Kobby, previous individuals from dead music bunch Wutah are presently in a real sense at one another’s throat over which of them truly caused the gathering’s parted.

The team, comprised of Daniel Morris (Risky or Wutah Kobby) and Frank Osei (Papa Virus or PV), headed out in different directions in 2010 subsequent to cooperating for around five years.

They have since been dealing with their individual undertakings.

Anyway they rejoined in 2017 and split again mid 2019.

In a meeting on Hitz fm, Afriyie denied claims that he caused the split of the gathering the first run through.

As indicated by him, he just became acquainted with the gathering has parted through a paper distribution about Kobby’s CD delivery.

In any case, in a response Kobby portrayed Afriyie’s cases as “total lie.”

“We had a meeting and he told me point blank that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with me. The group is over,” Wutah Kobby told Andy Dosty on Wednesday morning.

As indicated by Kobby, the multiple times they separated as a gathering they had a gathering about it.

It is hence not a fact that Afriyie was astonished by a specific paper distribution. “It was a hundred percent lie,” he demonstrated.


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