Business owners have expressed their disquiet over the commencement of the implementation of the electronic tax, e-levy in Ghana.

The patrons of the levy, are not enthused about the repressive compelling manner at which the government of the day is trying it with an alacrity. Yesterday was day 1 of the Kickstart of the implementation and many had registered total opposing of the levy, vowing to withdraw every penny in their accounts so as to render the account obsolete and dormant.

It looks as though, the government of Ghana at this juncture, is being dictatorial and totalitarian despite the numerous infractions groaned with by the users of such electronic transactions.

As it stands now, it is evidenced without any shred of doubt, there would not be a smooth transition take off of the levy because, customers over the country are livid with the autocratic rigid tendency of the Akufo Addo led administration.

Thus; the hearts of Ghanaians remain at their tongue as they cast innuendos and aspersions of the coercive state at which the bill had been assented into law by the President as he completely disregarded the challenges raised by Ghanaians.

Every well meaning observer should ask him or herself as to whether the time is most convenient for this bill because, it is already causing explosive unrest and insurrection at various vending centres across the entire country.



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