TT begs again

Award winning Radio and TV presenter, Amanda Jissih has called out entertainment intelligencer Gloria Akpene Nyarku, MzGee for airing a confidential discussion between herself and actor Psalm Adjeteyfio.

The popular actor had confided in MzGee to spare him some leftover food if she had any in her kitchen.

In a 3minutes video making rounds on social media, the actor said goods were delicate for him at the moment hence the request for the leftovers.


TT explained he would invested the ¢50,000 the Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia gave him when he made a public appeal for help last year.

Other pledges and pledges made by others, including that of the Greater Accra Minister have not been forthcoming and that had put him in a delicate situation.

Reacting to the video, Amanda Jissih quizzed for what reason the renowned broadcaster recorded the conversation if the latter confided in her.

The entertainment analyst described the development as wrong adding MzGee could have simply let him know he can’t help instead of recording him and subsequently leaking it on social media.

“He asked for leftovers and you decided to record him ? What for? This is wrong Mzgee. He confided in you. If you cant help him,let him know n end it right there,”




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