“Water they say, is life”. This particular adage, has saved the lives of overwhelming majority of the people in the forgotten part of the Eastern region of Ghana.

The people of Manya Krobo, has been without an access to a portable driving water until the latter wise saying touched the benevolence of Izwe Loan. Over 100 students in the Manya Krobo community, had suffered the dangers associated with unclean water for many years due to the unavailability of drinking water in the area.

Izwe Loan, a soft loan lending financial institution, has come to the aid of the people after learning of their plight by building them a mechanised borehole to ease their struggles to the search of drinking water for their domestic chores and other related matters.

The community folks are now beaming with smiles because, their saviour has saved their lives from the wolves of deadly skirmishes inundated with water difficulties in the whole vicinity. A lots of the people in the area were previously infested with strange water borne diseases as they shared the same water source in the community with stray animals.

The gate of Heaven has now been opened up for the people in the area to fetch and drink from the mechanised borehole constructed by Izwe Loan Company. It is believed that, if other benevolent financial institutions could take up such an amazing initiative thereby assisting places with water problems, our communities would become safe haven for us to live securely without having nightmares as to where to get that precious commodity from before one could attend to his or her daily activities.

Kudos to Izwe Loan and more grease to the elbows of all those who championed such an impactful intervention.

Source: ideasghonline.com 


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