A grieving mum has been left disgusted after a “strange” man ransacked her dead baby’s grave and stole ornaments.

The man was caught on CCTV hanging around the grave of baby Kaison, reports Leeds Live.

It is not the first time Donna Varley has had to endure the vandalism of her little boy’s final resting place.

She had been visiting his grave in Morley, West Yorkshire when she saw it had been defaced by thieves earlier this week.

They had stolen a projector, which Donna had used to shine onto Kaison’s headstone. They also left pictures of her baby strewn all over the ground around his grave.

Now CCTV footage has been shared of the man Donna believes is responsible for all her recent heartaches.

“I think it’s the same man,” she said : “I’ve had a few people tell me they’ve seen him around the cemetery before acting stange and a bit odd.


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