A 31-year old South-African who has been identified as Sipho Tony Nkosu is currently facing the wrath of justice after slitting the throat of his girlfriend’s 8-year old daughter.

According to witnesses, the mother of the 8-year old girl and Nkosu who are in a romantic relationship had an argument which they couldn’t resolve so he proceeded to visit her house the next day to resolve matters.

After meeting the absence of his lover as she had gone to the nearest washing bay to get her car washed leaving the 8-year old daughter with her grandmother, Nkosi allegedly grabbed a knife from the kitchen and slit the child’s throat.

On hearing loud screaming from the house, neighbors trooped in to find out what was happening only to find the child bleeding from around her neck.

She was rushed to Mamelodi Hospital where she was placed in the ICU and still receiving medical attention.

The culprit walked into the Hammanskaal Police Station to hand himself over to the law enforcers.

Meanwhile the father of the child has since vowed to do everything in his power to make sure Nkosi is detained and not be granted bail.

“I would like to thank the community and the organisations that came to support us. We hear that there are many cases against him, and the police are investigating those cases. I am happy that the police finally arrested him, as they have been looking for him since 2019 for a gender-based violence case against him. It seems that this is what he likes to do against women and children.” He said.

Source: ideasghonline.com


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