Man arrested for having s3x with body pulled out of grave


A man was captured in Fatehpur Sikri close to Agra on Sunday over doubts that he had intercourse with a lady’s body subsequent to hauling it out of her grave, police said.

In the ghastly episode, the 50-year-elderly person’s body was discovered uncovered from underneath her grave at the Lal Darwaza burial ground on Saturday. The body bore indications of rape. While police prior said canines may have been answerable for the occurrence, townspeople said a few “lunatic” had pulled out the body of the one who kicked the bucket on Friday, and had intercourse with her. “Her legs were found turned towards her head and shoulders,” the locals said.

Police recommended an after death assessment of the body, however family members and relatives decided to allow her a subsequent entombment. The lady hailed from Sadabad in Hathras region and was hitched to a man in Fatehpur Sikri.

Police in Fatehpur Sikri said a 40-year-elderly person named Rajendra was captured and he has admitted to the wrongdoing. He told police that while the body was being covered, he had effectively decided to engage in sexual relations with it. Around evening time in the wake of devouring alcohol, he uncovered the grave and serious the wrongdoing. Local people said he was a heavy drinker, unmarried and surprisingly his relatives were tired of him.



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