The Ogun State police order has captured one 25-year-old Ebenezer Adeshina for the supposed assault and extortion of a 16-year-old young lady he met on Facebook.

Adeshina was captured following a report held up at Owode Egbado divisional base camp by the person in question, who expressed that she met the suspect on Facebook at some point in 2021, and they started talking.

The young lady let the police know that sooner or later they quit talking since her fan was flawed. She did, in any case, notice that the suspect called her in March of this current year and inquired as to why she didn’t converse with him any longer, so she enlightened him regarding her defective telephone.

The suspect then, at that point, requested that she come to his home to gather the amount of 3,000 naira for the maintenance of the telephone. On arriving, she said the suspect offered her a beverage, which she took, uninformed that the beverage had been bound with soothing medication.

She expressed that following she took the beverage, she became oblivious and the suspect utilized the chance to have unlawful sex with her against her desire. After he had his direction with her in a condition of obviousness, she said the suspect took her bare pictures and began taking steps to transfer the photos via web-based entertainment on the off chance that she didn’t pay him the amount of 50,000 naira.

The police representative, DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi, said upon the report, the DPO Owode Egbado division, CSP Muhammad S Baba, nitty-gritty his criminal investigators to pursue the suspect. He said the suspect was at last caught and he has admitted to wrongdoing.



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