Reliable information indicates that the Apremdo Bridge will be closed to traffic on Sunday, 1st November 2020 to allow for repair works to be carried out on the bridge.

The bridge has had some of the slabs fallen off and has made traveling on it very discomforting. This has resulted in many callers into radio stations in the region, on several occasions, complaining about the poor nature of the bridge, and have criticised authorities of the region for not being proactive to ensure the bridge is repaired.

Somewhere last year, Sailer Metal Works, a local fabrication company based in Apowa, Ahanta West Municipality, repaired portions of the road with the support of the Regional Minister, Kwabena Okyere-Darko Mensah. It was thought that the Bridge Maintenance Unit (BMU) of the Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) would have done comprehensive repair works on the bridge after Sailer’s effort, but that was only to remain a wish – as nothing has been done on it ever since. The bridge has, thus, deteriorated again.

However, deep throat sources close to the Western Region Minister has revealed that the Apremdo bridge will be closed to traffic on Sunday, 1st November, at 8am for Sailer Metal Works to undertake some repair works on it.

Source: Western Ghana News



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