The Ghana Drunkards Association has announced Friday, June 11 as a National Drinking Day.

According to the Association, the celebration is to control the high number of mental cases in the country.

This was announced in a statement signed by the President, Moses Onyah, widely known as Dry Bone.

According to him, observing National Drinking Day will also help relieve its members and non-members of life’s complexities in order to release our members from hardship, frustration and depression. We believe that measures taken by the association to ignite members to drink responsibly in order to release all the stress and hardships in the system, will also help reduce mental problems in the country,” part of the statement read.

It added: “It will also help reduce depression, frustration, anger, and create a new environment for members to reunite with their work duties and family.”

However, Dry Bone has cautioned both local and international members to drink responsibility as “we recognise this faithful day.”

SOURCE: Adomonline


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