Jubilee House security officer arrested for robbery


A security officer with the Jubilee House in Accra has been arrested by the Legon Police for his alleged involvement in a robbery incident.

18 year old sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for robbery

Issah Muniru was arrested with his accomplice after a series of robberies at East Legon and surrounding areas. A 70-year-old woman was also allegedly robbed and assaulted by Muniru and his accomplice in Accra.

It has, however, gathered from Police sources that Muniru has been released by his superiors from the Presidency.

3 jailed 30 years for conspiracy, robbery

Muniru is said to be stationed with the operations unit at the presidency.

Muniru, had a Flagstaff House Identification Number FSH/TEMP/18/134 when he was arrested. However, police sources reveal that Muniru was released after an order from the presidency.

Suspects arrested for Jamestown ‘bullion van’ robbery released – Police


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