The Ghanaian students who were recently evacuated from the war torn country, Ukraine, to Ghana, are now laying blame at their own doorsteps for agreeing to come back home.

The students claimed, many mouthwatering promises were made to them that when they gladly return home from Ukraine, the government of Ghana, would secure them schools and jobs but up until now, everything seems like a mirage.

According to the students, they are doubting if their return can afford them guarantee a secured future as nothing appears to be working in the country. They are therefore accusing political leaders of acting in a bad faith as they do not want to fulfill well calculated assurances they gave them from the onset.

Many of such students are wondering if this is their own country called Ghana because, to them, it looks as though they are dwelling in an isolated hinter land where everything had been completely forgotten about them.

Due to the high level of doom, gloom and despondency perceived by the Ukraine student returnees, they are currently devising ways and means to depart from the shores of Ghana without returning home again in the near future.



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