iOS 16 unveiled: List of all new features

iOS 16 has made its big debut. WWDC 2022 brought with it a preview of the next version of Apple’s iPhone software. Now we have a sense of all the new features coming to your iPhone, including a revamped lock screen with widgets, major Messages improvements, a shared photo library for families and more.

The final version of iOS 16 will likely launch in the fall alongside the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. We don’t know when the iPhone 14 is arriving, but Apple tends to aim for a September launch. Expect iOS 16 to arrive at the same time as the iPhone 14 release date.

Below is what we know so far about the big changes in iOS 16.

Updated Lock Screen that can be heavily customized and upgraded with widgets.

New presentation of Notifications, which now roll in from the bottom.

Live Activities: A new way of following sports games, Uber journey progress, workouts, and so on from the Lock Screen.

Upgrades to Focus: Your choice of Lock Screen, widgets, and Notification settings can now be tied to Focus modes.

Focus Filters: If you’re in a work Focus mode, you might choose to see only the Safari tabs that relate to work, or filter out irrelevant Messages, Mail, and so on.

Big changes to Messages: You can edit and unsend messages after they’re sent, and mark any thread as Unread.

Live Text in video.

In-app ID verification in Wallet.

Apple Pay Later and Apple Pay Order Tracking.

Shared iCloud photo library: Everyone gets to see the same edits, captions, and keywords.

Safety Check, an important privacy feature that lets you monitor who you’ve granted access to your permissions, and revoke them easily.




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