If you marry the woman of your dreams, one day you’ll wake up from your dream and face reality- Reno


Many people have the mentality that money can do whatever they want. Most men also believe that money can attract the woman they need in their lives.

These set of men start living with the woman, some even marry them, only for them to start having a problem in their relationship few weeks or months after they’ve been together.

Reno Omokri tweeted on this and he directed his tweet to men. He said that money will attract the woman you want, but only character can attract the woman you need.

He added that you should therefore pray for wisdom, and discernment, so you don’t marry the woman of your dreams, because one day you’ll surely wake up from your dream and face reality.

You should always know that fantasy is different from real life. Money can do wonders but it can’t buy you a wonderful person. You win wonderful people with your attitude.

What do you think about what Mr Omokri tweeted?


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