Honorable Joshua Gmayenaam Makubu spoke exclusively to Joynews about the emotional and sorrowful events that preceded his success story.

He claimed that during an important meeting at his former office as DCE, he was instructed to leave because of his impairment.

Honorable Akosua Frema Opare, the present Chief of Staff, had to intervene to keep him alive.

He went on to say that he cried and thought about it often at his workplace. However, he perceived the Assembly members’ and stakeholders’ anger and worry in attempting to force him out as legitimate since they regarded him as crippled and unable to aid the District.

That was the point at which he determined to show them how incorrect they were. To everyone’s surprise, he pushed so hard to earn a higher Laurel.

He clarified that disability does not imply incapacity. A social welfare officer encouraged him to learn tailoring instead of going to tertiary school when he was young. What is the reason behind this? As a result of his disability.

He grieved bitterly in his chamber once more, proving officer Wrong. He went to university and is now a full-fledged Regional Minister. He asked everyone not to discourage handicapped persons from working in workplaces. This is due to the fact that they include something unique.

Watch video below:


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